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Engine Builders

Baxter Engines website

Owner: Gary Baxter
3910 Morningcrest Road
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Phone: (715) 874-4142

After several decades of serving the automotive, industrial and agricultural industries, Baxter Engines is still going strong and ready to take on all of your machine work. While the team at Baxter Engines is completely ready to build your winning race engine from the ground up, they also specialize in handling the machining processes that many shops can't perform in-house. Baxter Engines has served winning clients in the Street Stock, Super Stock, Modified and Late Model divisions of WISSOTA for many years and continues to support winning racers from as far away as Montana. Engine shops are invited to contact Gary at Baxter Engines to discuss their custom machining needs. Baxter's can handle virtually any type of engine machining.

CNC-Motorsports website 

Owner: Clint Anderson
106 West Folsom St.
Brookings, South Dakota 57006

Phone: 1-800-341-1528

CNC-Motorsports is your complete high-performance engine builder. The combination of our engine builders’ years of experience and our state-of-the-art equipment, are engines that make the power and reliability that you need to keep you up front all year long. We have drivers running our engines throughout the region, country, and even the world. We build engines for anything from Sprint Cars and the Late Models down to Street Stocks and Hobby Stocks. We have hundreds of hours of research and design into our; WISSOTA Modified, Midwest Modified, and Super Stock engines so we can offer you the most power for your money. All of our machine work from balancing the rotating assembly to final assembly is all done in the house to ensure the highest levels of quality control. We also test our engines on our DTS powermark 4000 engine dyno. We can offer you some of the best prices on the market because we cut out the middleman by being a distributor for several products such as: JE/SRP, Mahle, Manley, Dart, RHS, Comp Cams, Crower, Scat, Eagle, and Callies to name a few. Check us out on our website at www.cnc-motorsports.com.

Tim's Automotive Machine website

Owner: Tim Ludwigson
18797 County Road Q
Bloomer, WI 54724

Phone: (715) 568-1323

Tim Ludwigson's engine shop, Tim's Automotive Machine, has been in the business of providing the area's stock car racers with powerful engines for more than a decade and is constantly expanding to serve a growing client list. Ludwigson and his crew specialize in competition engines for the Late Model, Modified, Super Stock, Midwest Mod and Street Stock divisions and work closely with a large number of WISSOTA area drivers on their way to winning championships. All machining and assembly are done in-house at Tim's Automotive Machine by skilled workers who understand your desire to win and your need for reliability. Tim's is conveniently located just off Highway 53 near Bloomer, Wisconsin.


Chassis Builders

Dirt Track Supply website 

Owner: Ron Anderson
615 7th Street SE
Watertown, SD 57201

Phone: (605) 886-8924

Dirt Track Supply has been one of the top suppliers of race car chassis and parts for more than a decade in the Dakotas and western WISSOTA country and also serves clients from "the east" in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Dirt Track Supply is the manufacturer of Arrow Modifieds and Super Stocks, which is a proven, winning chassis design campaigned by many knowledgeable veteran drivers. Dirt Track Supply is also the premier Late Model chassis supplier in all of the WISSOTA region as dealer for Mastersbilt, Rayburn, Warrior, Bullitt, and Larry Shaw chassis. In addition, Dirt Track Supply builds Street Stocks and offers a repair service for all makes of chassis in all divisions as well as providing every bolt-on component you could possibly need for your race car.


Graphics & Wraps

Whiplash Designs & Graphics website

Owner: Chris Weber
P.O. Box 416, 874 Highway 64
Somerset, WI 54025

Phone: (715) 247-4808

When the cars hit the tracks in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota this season, some of the graphics will surely “turn some heads,” and when that happens it’s a safe bet that the graphics came from Whiplash Designs and Graphics of Somerset, WI, which is owned by degreed commercial artist Chris Weber. When you call Whiplash Designs and Graphics, you can be assured that is that it’s a service for racers by racers who know what you need, not some generic sign guy who doesn’t know horsepower from a horse. Graphics can either be ordered at the Whiplash office, by email or over the phone. Graphics packages can also be shipped out via mail or UPS to customers who wish to do the application themselves. In addition to designing the graphics for the race cars, Whiplash can also create graphics packages for race trailers as well as create commercial signage and logos for area businesses. Bring your own ideas to Chris or go empty handed; either way the outcome will be a satisfying case of Whiplash.


Fuels & Lubricants

Sunoco Performance Products website

Location: Linwood, Pennsylvania
Phone: 1-800-RACE-GAS
P.O. Box 1226
Linwood, PA 19061

As a sponsor of many sanctioning bodies across the nation, Sunoco race fuels remain at the forefront of the racing industry in popularity and is the largest manufacturer of racing gasolines in the world. Sunoco offers a variety of fuels for different high performance applications, including all types of dirt track racing. More engine builders, racers, tracks, and sanctioning bodies choose Sunoco than all other racing gasolines combined! Sunoco's track-proven fuels are designed to provide unsurpassed power, performance, quality, and consistency to keep you "Ahead of the Pack." Sunoco offers even more choice with an expanded product line that includes numerous specialty fuels. Make the right choice: Go With Sunoco. To find a dealer in your area, visit the Sunoco website with the above link.

Turbo Blue Racing Gasoline website

Location: Linwood, Pennsylvania
Phone: 1-800-45-TURBO
P.O. Box 1226
Linwood, PA 19061

When you need to lead the pack - no matter what type of motorsports you are involved in - count on Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines on first lap and every lap. Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines are refined to meet the needs of all types of motorsports from the professional racer to the weekend enthusiast. Everyone at Turbo Blue Racing Gasolines is committed to providing a consistent, high quality race gasoline that competitors can count on for all motorsports applications. Turbo Blue, Turbo Blue Extreme and Turbo Blue Unleaded fuels can all be used in a variety of racing applications and will help you Lead The Pack! To learn more about Turbo Blue fuels and to find the dealers in your area, visit the Turbo Blue website with the above link.

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