Photographers Who Assist ATD

ATD works with dozens of talented professional and hobbyist photographers who share a passion for dirt track racing. They work hard, invest time and money in their equipment, and help us illustrate many of the race reports we publish in the newspaper. So we like to show off the work they've done. Enjoy the photos here but please never, ever, ever copy them without permission from the photographer. These images are all copyrighted by the photographer who took them and if you copy them for use anywhere - yes, even for your Facebook page - then you will be violating a federal law and worse, you'll be acting like a jerk, a thief, a dope. If you want to use any of these photos on the web or would like prints of them, just contact the photographer; he or she will be fair to you, you'll get exactly what you want, you will be treating the photographer with the respect deserved, and you won't be risking a violation of copyright laws. Photographers don't race your car without your permission, so don't use their photos without THEIR permission. 

Listing of photographers we work with:

• Nick Anderson

• Vance Birno

• Rick Blewett

• Chris Burback

• Jason Durst

• Benjie Froemke

• Dave Girling

• Alan Herrig

• J.R. Hughes

• Skip Hunter

• Char Hurd

• Tom Krob

• Brad Letcher

• Buck Monson

• Layn Mudder

• Jacy Norgaard

• Cody Papke

• Dennis Peterson

• Christel Samuelson

• Chad Spieker

• Shawn Swanstrom

• Scott Swenson

• Sherry Wright

• Jonelle Zika

• Doug Zimmer

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