Graphics & Wraps

Whiplash Designs & Graphics website

Location: Somerset, Wisconsin

Owner: Chris Weber

Phone: (715) 247-4808 • Fax (715) 247-4808

Address: P.O. Box 416, 874 Highway 64 • Somerset, WI 54025

When the cars hit the tracks in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota this season, some of the graphics will surely “turn some heads,” and when that happens it’s a safe bet that the graphics came from Whiplash Designs and Graphics of Somerset, WI, which is owned by degreed commercial artist Chris Weber, brother of Super Stock driver Mike Weber and Street Stock driver Charlie Weber. When you call Whiplash Designs and Graphics, you can be assured that is that it’s a service for racers by racers who know what you need, not some generic sign guy who doesn’t know horsepower from a horse. Graphics can either be ordered at the Whiplash office or conveniently over the phone. Graphics packages can also be shipped out via mail or UPS to customers who wish to do the application themselves. In addition to designing the graphics for the race cars, Whiplash can also create graphics packages for race trailers as well as create commercial signage and logos for area businesses. Bring your own ideas to Chris or go empty handed; either way the outcome will be a satisfying case of Whiplash.

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