ATD works with dozens of talented professional and hobbyist photographers who share a passion for dirt track racing. They work hard, invest time and money in their equipment, and help us illustrate many of the race reports we publish in the newspaper. So we like to show off the work they've done. Enjoy the photos we use but please never, ever, ever copy them without permission from the photographer. The images we post and print are all copyrighted by the photographer who took them and if you copy them for use anywhere - yes, even for your Facebook page - then you will be violating a federal law. Even worse, you'll be acting like a jerk, a thief, a dope. If you want to use any of these photos on the web or would like prints of them, just contact the photographer; he or she will be fair to you, you'll get exactly what you want, you will be treating the photographer with the respect deserved, and you won't be risking a violation of copyright laws. Photographers don't race your car without your permission, so don't use their photos without their permission. 

Listing of photographers we work with:

Nick Anderson nickandersonphoto@outlook.com

Ross Backes onpointphotography18@gmail.com

Allen Becker allenbecker83@yahoo.com

Taylor Becker tmphotography94@gmail.com

Kaz Bednarczyk belairweb@shaw.ca

Vance Birno vance@frypanproductions.com

Val Catellier vcatellphotos@yahoo.com

Benjie Froemke benjie@sheyennespeedway.com

J.R. Hughes hughes993@hotmail.com

Tim Hunt thdesigns27@gmail.com

Char Hurd hurdc@bresnan.net

Caryn Iverson 21iversonca@esschools.k12.wi.us

Tim Johnson timj171@hotmail.com

Tom Krob tkrob77@gmail.com

Jamie Laine hoefert1@gmail.com

Tom Loos tlrphotos@yahoo.com

Buck Monson buck@buckmonsonphoto.com

Abigail Mulner eyebehindthelens@outlook.com

Jacy Norgaard jacynorgaard@gmail.com

Alex Ostenson ao16x@yahoo.com

Krystal Ostenson krystal_aok@outlook.com

Cody Papke crpphotos@gmail.com

Dennis Peterson dennancy@paulbunyan.net

Vince Peterson vince008@centurytel.net

Tony Radzwon tony@speedshopnorth.com

Mike Spieker speedwayshots@gmail.com

Shawn Swanstrom shawn_swanstrom@comcast.net

Scott Swenson scottswenson@q.com

Charlie Weber fizzle2662@gmail.com

Brittany Welling jojowelling@gmail.com

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