About ATD 

All The Dirt! Racing News first appeared as individual track "point sheets," small four page weekly track newspapers at a variety of WISSOTA tracks. Then, in the fall of 1993, publishers Scott and Jennifer Hughes came up with the idea to expand ATD into a single publication which covered EVERY track in WISSOTA throughout the racing season.

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With a stamp of approval from the WISSOTA member promoters at the 1993 annual meeting, the publishers began planning for the first issue, which appeared in March 1994. Since that time, ATD has been the official newspaper of WISSOTA racing. ATD has been witness to, and provided record of, the thousands of drivers over the years who have competed at WISSOTA member tracks.

Today, approaching 30 years after the first issue, ATD remains a vital and the most trusted source of information for WISSOTA drivers, crews, fans and promoters. It is a deeply embedded part of the WISSOTA DNA. Our group of seasoned news writers and columnists tell the stories of each race night at virtually every WISSOTA track. ATD is the ONE publication that covers every WISSOTA track and every WISSOTA driver, every issue.

The promoters of WISSOTA's best tracks continue to use ATD as their primary method to reach drivers and thousands of hardcore race fans for their weekly events and special events. There simply is no more reliable way to reach the core of the WISSOTA racing market. 

In addition, a variety of retail speed shops and a growing number of aftermarket manufacturers recognize the value of ATD as well and use it regularly for marketing to the competitors of the WISSOTA region - one of the largest and most stable racing regions in all of the U.S.

The WISSOTA region encompasses approximately 50 tracks and nearly 3,000 competitors who race at dirt tracks in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Ontario and Manitoba.


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